Jan 13, 2022
16 min. read: In Python, decorators are often shrouded by a layer of mystery. We tend to use them without understanding how they work, but if understood properly, they can really improve our efficiency. This blog will cover the fundamentals of decorators, and assumes that you have an understanding of how functions work. Read more
16 min. read: In Python, or every programming language, functions are one of the larger building blocks. Functions allow reusing blocks of code and eliminate code duplication. But, not everyone is fully aware of all the different ways to pass inputs to functions. That is what I will be exploring in this blog. Read more
11 min. read: This blog describes the journey that I, a developer took to decide the architecture to use for the implementation of a recent project I have been working on. It demonstrates the thought process a developer goes through to come to a resolution. Read more
14 min. read: Learn the differences between different string literals in Python and how escape characters work differently between them. Also understand the encoding and decoding functionality with Python strings. Read more
10 min. read: Learn how to generate excerpts with gatsby-transformer-remark and work around the lack of the excerpt_separator option in gatsby-plugin-mdx. Read more